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UP school asks students for, ‘Yogi hair cut’ raises hackles

IANS | Lucknow |

A private school in Meerut city of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday allegedly issued a diktat to its students to sport 'Yogi-style' hair cut, raising the hackles of shocked parents who protested.

The worked up parents alleged that Rishabh Academy School in Sadar area had warned students they will not be allowed to attend school till they got the buzz hair cut, akin to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's. The school denied the charge.

As the news spread, dozens of angry parents reached the school and protested.

Finally, the police mediated and pacified the irate parents before getting children entry to the school premises.

The students also accused school management of banning consumption of non-vegetarian food during recess.

The management, however, denied the allegations and said its Secretary Ranjeet Jain had merely asked students to be properly dressed and sport a "decent" hair cut while attending school.

"The idea is to ensure that children lead a disciplined school life. As for the ban on non-vegetarian food, that has been the case always. It is unfortunate that a communal colour is being given to a trivial issue," a school management official said.