Considering the quick disposal of cases and to save time and money of the public, the Housing and Urban Development Department of Punjab has authorised the district town planners to give a go-ahead for Change of Land Use (CLU) and approve layout and building plans (outside municipal limits).

Additional Chief Secretary, Vini Mahajan said the decision was in line with the policy of the state government of promoting ease of doing business in the state.

She said, for new marriage palace within the master plans area up to 2.5 acres, the power of issuance of change of land use has been passed on to the concerned district town planner, which was earlier with the senior town planner.

Similarly, for an industrial or institutional project (standalone) measuring area up to five acre, now the senior town planner of the concerned circle would be the competent authority to give approval of the layout plans. She added.
Previously the powers were vested with Chief Town Planner, Punjab.

Under the new delegation, majority of the cases pertaining to change of land use, which were earlier referred to the Chief Minister who is also the Minister-in-charge of the department of housing urban development, would now be disposed at the level of Additional Chief Secretary of the department.

“This act of the department would boost the urban development in the state and also encourage investment in this sector.