To curb the increasing traffic problem in the Tricity administrator’s advisory committee has recommended construction of flyovers at CHB Junction, Tribune Chowk and Sector 26 transport light point.

As per a report of the Chandigarh Administration’s advisory council, presented at the council meeting on Wednesday, it was suggested that alternative routes for Tricity (Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali) should be explored to avoid traffic congestion even during non-peak hours.

The panel added that properly planned NMT (Non-Motorized Tracks) i.e. pedestrian pathways and cycle tracks should be designed to have proper convergence and divergence at an appropriate distance from each rotary/traffic light to avoid any mishap. Staggering of office andschool timings will be considered in view of increasing traffic problems.

The Environment Standing Committee members were of the opinion that a mass rapid transport system should be commissioned in Chandigarh and surrounding areas so as to reduce the number of vehicles. This was suggested keeping in mind the increase in number of vehicles in the city which are contributing to air pollution as well as noise pollution. Recently Air Quality Index of Chandigarh was reported to be on higher side which is a matter of serious concern.

There is need to take steps for free flow of traffic in Chandigarh as it has been found that at many roundabouts, the flow of traffic has

been halted for long time due to various reasons. To curb the same the committee suggested that lanes should be clearly marked at roundabouts and public should be made aware about the lane system, light indicators etc.

“Make city roads free from human or animal propelled rickshaws/carts,” the transport committee suggested. These should be replaced by e-rickshaws  and e-carts.