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Tourists binge-drink, cause chaos: Goa Tourism minister

IANS | Panaji |

Goa's Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar on Friday blamed tourists for binge-drinking and causing chaos in the coastal state and destroying the region's culture.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a government event in Panaji, Ajgaonkar said that liquor and music was a part of Goan culture.

"The outsiders who come here, create chaos after they drink. They ruin our culture, our Goenkarponn (Goanness). That should not happen. This should be controlled," he said.

The minister also said liquor and music were rooted to the former Portuguese-ruled state's culture and tradition.

"Liquor, music is part of our culture. It has been going on in a traditional way. It cannot be stopped just like that. Liquor is also a part of our tradition, our Goenkarponn," he said.

"In Goa, if there is stomach pain, people still warm up alcohol and drink it… But Goans when they drink alcohol, they do not lose control. Even if a Goan drinks alcohol, the next person will not know he has consumed liquor. He will not show it," Ajgaonkar said.

Goa is a major beach tourism destination in the country and attracts over four million tourists every year.