In order to sensitize the public about noise pollution, Department of Environment, Science and Technology will launch series of awareness campaigns on ‘Horn not Ok’ from 4 November to 20 November.

Department of Environment, Science and Technology Director D C Rana said here on Sunday that the department will be holding the series of events for 17 days, involving all other stakeholders departments in Shimla and Manali towns.

He informed that ‘Horn not Ok’ campaign had been launched by Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur last year in Shimla, in order to create awareness among common people about ill effects of noise pollution, as a part of different awareness programmes that were organized by the Department of Environment, Science and Technology with all stakeholders Departments in Shimla and Mandi towns.

“Now, the department has decided to organize a series of event under this the campaign from 4 November to generate more awareness, sensitize the tourists and public regarding ‘Horn Not Ok’ campaign in Shimla and Manali.”

The awareness campaigns will also be organized among the school children by delivering lectures during the morning assembly and by way of assigning duty to them to affix stickers of ‘Horn Not Ok’ in their parent’s cars, he said. “The school children will be requested once in a week to stand outside the school with placard showing the messages like ‘No Horn Please’, ‘This is silence zone’, ‘School area No Horn please’, ‘Honking is prohibited in silence zone’,” he said.

Special lectures shall be organized in colleges of Shimla town including St Bede’s, RKMV Shimla, Government Degree College, Sanjauli, he added. Painting, debate, essay writing competition will also be organized on ‘noise pollution’ theme in Shimla schools, colleges under this special drive.