Himachal Congress condemn ED raids on National Herald office

(Photo: Twitter/@Mehboobp1)

Congress President  and Member of Parliament (MP) Pratibha Singh has condemned the ED’s raids in the office of the National Herald.
In a statement issued here on Wednesday, she alleged that the Modi government at the Centre is misusing the investigating agencies of the country.

“BJP has started a new tradition of political oppression in the country which will prove to be a big threat to the democracy of the country,” she claimed.
After independence, it is the only government in the country which is trying unsuccessfully to intimidate its political opponents by showing them the fear of investigating agencies, she blamed.

“The country is facing serious challenges like rising inflation and unemployment. The country’s economy is collapsing and the Indian currency value is dropping,” she said.


In order to divert the attention of the people from these serious issues, the BJP government is initiating ED and also at times income tax and even CBI investigation to suppress the voice of the opposition, she charged.

She has said that the Modi government at the Centre cannot influence the judicial system of the country and the Congress has full faith in the judicary of the country.

Taking a jibe at the Jai Ram Thakur led government in the state, she held him responsible for having pushed the state under the burden of huge debt
She said that with assembly elections round the corner, the Chief Minister is busy in misleading the people.

Pratibha Singh charged the Cheif Minister of making announcements at a time when the state is under a debt of more than Rs 70,000 crores and the government treasury is completely empty.