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Rag picker finds Rs.9.85 lakh old currency in Rishikesh garbage dump

Raju Gusain/SNS | Dehradoon |

A rag picker in Rishikesh became rich for few hours on Friday, when he found Rs.9.85 lakh old 500 rupee notes in garbage. Sensing trouble, the rag picker handed the money over to police.

Uttam Kumar, a rag picker, was doing his routine work in the holy township when he found bundles of old currency lying on a waste dump.

After finding the old currency, Uttam picked and kept them safely in his plastic sack, which he carries on his shoulder for daily work.

The rag picker made attempt to buy something from the market and offered a Rs 500 note to the shopkeeper. When the shopkeeper told him that such notes are no longer in circulation and might land him in problem. 

Uttam instantly realized the danger and approach the local police. Muni-ki-Reti Police station‘s SHO Ravi Saini said, “Acting on the advice of the shopkeeper and other people available in the shop, the rag picker handed over the discovered currency to police. A total of Rs.9.85 lakh worth of old 500 notes was deposited by Uttam. ”

The Rishikesh Police has approached the Income Tax department. In a similar incident, a coin collector in Haridwar found Rs.4.35 lakh on the bank of Ganga on 21 December last year. 

Uttam hails from Nepal and makes a living by waste picking in the city. Lady luck smiled on the poor rag picker for a brief period. But, Uttam is thanking his stars now that the old currency did not land him behind bars and his timely action saved him from facing any grave problem.