National Conference vice president Omar Abdullah on Wednesday accused the PDP-BJP alliance of having left the State brutalized and stoked unprecedented alienation, especially among the youth.

Omar Abdullah, who was addressing legislators of the NC, said “the PDP-BJP alliance has pushed J&K into the throes of turmoil and uncertainty and the rank opportunism that formed the basis of their politics has not only alienated the people but also created chasms between the three regions of the State. We have witnessed rampant persecution, injustices and widespread corruption while this alliance was at the helm of power”.

The NC Vice President said Mehbooba Mufti’s arrogance had driven her own leaders away and this was another indication of her contempt towards the mandate of 2014 and also her refusal to respect the sentiments of the people at large.

“Mehbooba has lost the faith of her own leaders due to her arrogance and flawed policies. It was none other than her own brother and former tourism minister who said PDP and BJP were ‘partners in crime’.

In order to become Chief Minister and to enjoy the spoils of power, Mehbooba Mufti ended up bartering the interests of the State to the highest bidders while ridiculously reserving the right to criticize her own alliance partner simultaneously.