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OBC youth forced to shave moustache for using ‘Sinh’ in name

Rathin Das | Ahemdabad |

Upper caste tyranny in north Gujarat continues unabated as it has now claimed the moustache of a young man for adding the suffix ‘Sinh’ to his name in an invitation card.

Only a few weeks back, a Dalit family in the same region was attacked during their wedding celebrations for adding TO their name the suffix ‘sinh’, the half-name upper caste people think is their prerogative.

This time it is a 23-year-old Thakor, of an OBC community, who bore the brunt of attack from the upper caste Rajputs for adding ‘Sinh’ as suffix to his name.

The victim, Ranjit Thakor was abducted from Godh village in Palanpur taluka by upper caste Rajput men and was forced to shave off his moustache as punishment for using ‘Sinh’ with his name.

The Rajputs also recorded a video of Ranjit shaving off his moustache and circulated it on social media. The Rajput abductors asked Ranjit Thakor to withdraw all invitation cards with ‘Sinh’ printed as suffix to the name.

The Banaskantha police have detained four people and charged them under various sections for promoting enmity between communities and wrongful confinement.

Only last week, Rajput men had bashed up a Dalit youth in Dholka of Ahmedabad district as he had suffixed his name with ‘Sinh’ in a social media post.