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Manipur election results 2017: Sharmila loses to Ibobi

SNS Web | New Delhi |

Irom Chanu Sharmila who was fighting as an independent candidate was trailing and has finally lost to Manipur chief minister O Ibobi Singh of Indian National Congress in Thoubal Assembly seat, according to the latest news report. BJP’s Leitanthem Basanta Singh was behind the chief minister.

After first round of counting in Thoubal, Ibobi was leading at 4,689, BJP’s Basanta was on 2,691 and Sharmila was far behind at 26.

Earlier, Sharmila had said that she is unfazed by the results of the exit polls and was confident of putting a good show to the incumbent chief minister INC’s Ibobi Singh.

"I do not feel much affected by the result. It depends upon the people's mindset," she has been quoted as saying to a news agency.

She has also blamed opposition for using the money and muscle power blatantly and had said BJP had tried to offer her money to contest election from the saffron party in the north eastern state.