Sovan Chatterjee in his first Press conference today said BJP would take adequate measures to prevent any attack by TMC and alleged that the state government is tapping phones.

“TMC had rigged panchayt, municipal election and every other election in the state. The party-backed miscreants used to terrorize people in previous elections so they could not vote and also bullied and killed opposition party workers. But this time they will not be able to do so as BJP would prevent any attack by TMC goons,” he said.

He also said the saffron party is gaining popularity in the state, which has “irked” the ruling Trinamul Congress. Today he also expressed his desire to take part in foodgrains collection programme of the BJP from farmers’ houses.

Meanwhile BJP MP and state president Dilip Ghosh mocked Bengal’s Silicon Valley as big flop where now cows graze. Mr Ghosh, said the project was touted to be the pride of Bengal, but it has barely taken off. Out of a total of 200 acres in the Silicon Valley, 169 acres of land is allotable, officials said. Companies who have already applied for land in earlier phases include Reliance Jio (40 acres), TCS (20 acres) and Capgemini (7 acres).

Ram Mandir donation:

The Saffron brigade today at Chinsurah initiated the doorto- door donation collection for construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, under the banner of Mandir Nirman Nidhi Somorpon Abhijan Hooghly Zela. The spokesperson of the organization said, the collection has been initiated from today on the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti which will continue till Maghi Purnima (31 January). Printed coupons will be issued for donation ranging from Rs 10 to Rs1000 and for donation above it, bills will be issued and cheques will also be accepted. Donation received will be exempted from Income tax.