A fire on the first floor of a residential building on Harsi Street, Rajabazar, around 2.30 p.m. today triggered panic among residents of the area.

The flames fanned through adjacent houses like a jungle fire. Fire fighters, police personnel and local residents struggled for about an hour to bring it under control. The fire department deployed three fire engines to control the blaze.

The building houses around 25 individual families. More than hundred people were rescued from the building, according to neighbours. Several residents of the area rushed to the spot to help with the rescue operation and managed to evacuate all the occupants.

According to police, no casualty was reported and no one was hurt in the incident. While the cause of fire was unknown, the house where the fire was first spotted stored paper stocks, informed the neighbouring residents. As the flames leapt from one room to another, the firemen had a difficult time negotiating the fire engines through the narrow lanes and by-lanes leading to the spot.