The state government has imposed a ban on heavy goods vehicles having 20 wheels or more from entering or exiting the city till 4 September in order to do away with the problems of traffic congestion.

There are often traffic jams when the heavy duty trucks develop snag and are parked on the main thoroughfares. Such traffic snarls are quite common in the Port area, BT Road and Vidyasagar Setu.

Kolkata Police in a notification issued today directed that “any person contravening this order shall be punished as per the existing law.”

“The Commissioner of Kolkata Police has ordered that all goods vehicles having 20 (twenty) wheels or more are prohibited from entering in to or exiting from the entire Kolkata Police jurisdiction to evade traffic congestion and ensure smooth and nuisancefree plying on the roads. This order has come into force with effect from 07.07.2019 and will remain in force till 04.09.2019 or until further order,” stated the order.

According to Nabanna sources, on an average, 4,000 loaded trucks transport fruits, vegetables, garments and tea from Kolkata to the neighbouring states while an equal number of heavily loaded trucks reach the city from other states carrying goods. Some of the wholesale markets in Burrabazar, Sealdah and Howrah are areas where the heavy vehicles offload their goods.

In response to the ban, the transporters said that preventing heavy vehicles from plying in the city would bring in an additional cost due to offloading and transporting goods in smaller vans to wholesale markets and demanded some arrangement to overcome this additional financial burden.