The eight hour long terror of a tiger, who had killed two persons, ended with the Uttarakhand forest department staff managing to cage the feline in Ramnagar on Thursday. 

The tiger created panic in Choi locality in Ramnagar by attacking a woman, who had gone to the nearby forest for collecting fuel wood. As the tiger attacked 33-year-old Bhagwati , she shouted for help and her father in law Lakhpat rushed to the spot. The tiger attacked the person and took them away in deep forest.

The attack of the tiger spread like a wild fire and Terai-West forest division of the Uttarakhand forest department staff rushed to the affected site. The special operation was launched and it concluded in 8 hours. 

Divisional Forest Officer Ramnagar Kahkashan Naseem said,” We have recovered both the bodies and are sending the tiger to the Nainital zoo.”

The attack terrorized the locals, who are engaged in sand mining  work in Tabka river in Ramnagar. The operation to catch the tiger started by sending a JCB to the place where the feline was sitting with two human bodies. The tiger attacked the JCB and broke its windscreen to give its driver a near death experience. The driver anyhow escaped from the dangerous attack.

Cages were fixed and forest staff managed to end the terror of the wild cat in a record time.