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Kejriwal advises AAP workers to do selfless service, not to aspire for posts

He asked AAP leaders to learn from the Geeta too for doing service to society and the nation.

SNS | New Delhi |

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal told all those associated with his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) that AAP had only two ideal leaders to emulate — Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Dr BR Ambedkar — though there were many stalwarts who contributed immensely to the cause of India’s Independence. AAP workers should be ready to sacrifice their everything for the nation as these two leaders did in the past.

Addressing an online AAP National Council meeting on Saturday, Kejriwal said, “No one associated with AAP should aspire for position or status in the party or the government. If a person asks for a post, that means he does not deserve it. Rather it should be the other way round. The party should approach a person that this is the post for him as he or she qualifies for it. If we compete among ourselves for posts or for the party ticket to contest elections, AAP will be like the BJP and the Congress, though it was formed to be different from these traditional parties. AAP was born for doing selfless service to people.”

He asked AAP leaders to learn from the Geeta too for doing service to society and the nation. There is reason why people mention the Aam Aadmi Party when it comes to doing value-based politics.

Kejriwal pointed out that those who aspire for any post or status were actually suffering from greed. He gave an advice to such workers or leaders of AAP.

“If you are working for eight hours a day, then start working for 10 hours daily to get rid of this greed, which can come in the way of your doing selfless service to people,” he suggested.

He said the Delhi government and AAP workers got much appreciation for coming to the rescue of people during these one and a half years when the world had been battling the biggest pandemic of the century after the Spanish flu of 1918. The efforts made by the AAP government in Delhi to save people’s lives from the coronavirus were being talked about all over the country.

Kejriwal specifically mentioned AAP leader Dilip Pandey’s name in this regard and said the role he played led to the emergence of many Dilip Pandeys in the country.

The Chief Minister expressed his gratitude for the new members of his party’s National Council.