The monsoon session of Himachal Pradesh Assembly will commence on 23 August and will end on 31 August.

Himachal Pradesh Assembly Speaker Rajeev Bindal, while addressing media persons on Monday said that the session will have seven working days that will include a private member day on 30 August.

Expressing hope that session will be beneficial for discussion of various public issues, he disclosed that so far 429 questions have been received so far from the members of the assembly that include 330 starred and 99 unstarred questions.

So many questions in such a short session show active participation of the members and also that the online question acceptance has made it all the more easier and convenient which is appreciable, he added.

He said that under Rule 62 one notice and under Rule 101 so far, four notices have been received and there is one more already pending of the Budget Session that is in continuation and also any more that will be received will be added till the closing on 23 August, he said, adding that under Rule 130 five notices have been received for discussion.

The first day of the session is likely to be adjourned after obituary reference to former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, he said, adding that the Himachal Pradesh Assembly has both kinds of previous precedence which have been verified to check the first day working of the session, since the former Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru till date.

“When Nehru and Lal Bhadhur passed away, the first day of the session was adjourned after obituary reference and also at the time of demise of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi the session was held after six months, but after a decision taken by the house the house was adjourned after obituary,” he said, adding that in two or three precedence the session of the house started on day one after obituary.

Discussion was yet to be held with the Parliamentary Affairs Minister and Chief Minister to reach to the conclusion about the functioning of the first day of the monsoon session, he added.

He said, “This time, we hope that the Knowledge Bank that has been prepared to some extent, after lots of efforts in the last three months will prove to be beneficial for the members to seek an opportunity to get information about vocabulary of the assembly, scientific researches and notes on economy.”

“I hope that the state government will provide reply to the questions of the members with sincerity and also the opposition will raise their questions with decorum,” he said.