Concerned over the safety of doctors with rising attacks against them in hospitals of the state, Himachal government would soon make Medi-Person Act a non-bailable offence.

Informing about the decision, state Health Minister Kaul Singh Thakur said the government has taken serious note of the incidents of misbehavior with doctors at work places.

“We have sent the proposal for making assault on any medical staff a non bailable offence in Medi-Person Act to Law Department for legal opinion,” he said, adding on the basis of Law Department’s opinion, the act could be brought for change in the Legislative Assembly so that incident of misbehavior with the doctors could be checked.

State health minister’s statement came a day before the proposed Himachal Pradesh doctors’ association mass strike from January 23 in view of rising incidents of attacks on medical staff in various hospitals of the state.

“The government is concerned for the safety and security of the doctors at their work places. Such an arrangement will be ensured that no unpleasant incident happened anywhere in the state,” he said.

He said doctors are one of the most important parts in the chain of providing health services to the people of the state and the government will ensure welfare of them at every level.

He said the demands and problems of doctors would be resolved through dialogue to improve the system. He expressed hope that doctors will not take any such step that will create problem for the patients

“The state government is well aware of the problems of the doctors and fully committed for redressal of these problems,” he said, adding the government has provided better working conditions and facilities at each level to the doctors so that they could render their services without any fear.