Governor Acharya Devvrat on Saturday called for planting maximum fruit plants in forests to save farmers from damage caused by wild animals to crops in Himachal Pradesh.


He raised the issued during a meeting with Forest, Transport, Youth Services and Sports Minister Govind Singh Thakur last evening.


He urged the Forest Minister for conservation and increase in forest cover and said maximum fruit plants should be planted in the forest to provide food for wild animals and saving farmers from the destruction caused by wild animals.


“Forest department should identify species of fruits which are apt for the consumption of wild animals,” he said. The Governor assured of his full support and participation towards plantation and road safety campaigns. He also showed his concern over the recent road accidents in the state.


The Transport Minister apprised Governor about the cabinet decision of approving the formation of Road Safety Lead Agency in Transport Directorate to strengthen road safety with the cooperation of senior officers of Police, Education, and Public Works Department in the state. People awareness campaigns are framed on a wide spectrum in the state. He also informed that almost 100 additional buses were plied daily to facilitate commuters.


While providing details of plantation campaign of forest department during monsoon, Govind Singh Thakur said that near about 17 lakh saplings were planted by masses during plantation campaign carried upon for three days in the state last year.


The duration of this campaign would be increased for five days this year and community participation would be ensured to maintain and conserve plants.


The head of Forest Force Dr Ajay Sharma said the Forest Department is making efforts to ensure 50 per cent plantation of fruit-bearing plants during plantation campaign and sandalwood plants would be provided for farmers to plant on their own land.