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Highlight better governance models: Khattar urges media

Statesman News Service | Chandigarh |

The Haryana Chief Minister (CM) Manohar Lal Khattar on Wednesday urged the media to highlight comparisons between the systems followed by different governments rather than focusing on personalities in news reports.

This will create a competitive environment among the states and make their governments offer better systems of governance to the people, he said.

Speaking at a function on Wednesday, the CM said this would impel, rather encourage, states to adopt best practices to improve governance which would immensely benefit the society, state as well as the people. Besides, reforms being carried out for the betterment of the society should also be highlighted, he added.

CM said media should publish such reports as would inspire and encourage governments to adopt good practices rather than indulge in the blame-game.

He said, the present government in Haryana, during the last three-and-a-half years, has implemented several new reforms for the betterment of society, be it e-governance, transparency in transfers of government teachers, implementation of educated Panchayati Raj systems, and formation of pond management authority to ensure cleanliness of water and promote sanitation.

“We have also revised the Sports Policy and the impact of this change is clearly visible in the medals tally of the recently concluded Commonwealth games. Haryana is a very small state having two per cent of the total population of the country but its players have won 22 medals out of total 66 which worked out to 33 per cent. Players from other states have also brought laurels but they would have to be encouraged by framing a good policy,” CM added.

Describing media as the fourth pillar of democracy, he said that media played a vital role in the freedom of the country. After Independence, it served as a watchdog of democracy.

He highlighted the role of media in maintaining necessary checks and balances vital for ensuring transparency and accountability in the system.