The Rajaji Tiger Reserve authorities are thrilled with the digital images recently obtained through camera trap installed in different parts of the park. They have every reason to smile as the photographs exhibit the diversity of wildlife residing in the park. But, more than the diversity, the camera was able to catch some candid photographs.

Located in Pauri, Dehradun and Haridwar districts, the Rajaji Tiger Reserve is home to many endangered species including elephant and tiger. For wildlife monitoring, the park authorities have set up camera traps at various places. Data is collected at regular intervals.

While the camera often captures some exciting images, this time it caught a mother bear at a very beautiful moment when the large mother bear was ferrying her two cubs inside the park.

As the sloth bear walked, the two cubs sat firmly on their mother’s back. The moment was the most prized snap captured this season.

Rajaji Tiger Reserve’s director Sanatan Sonker says, “Watching a bear in the wild is not easy. It is because of the camera traps we got the photograph of the mother with her two cubs. Our staff are amazed with the photograph.”

Besides the mother bear, a group of four tigers were also captured through hidden camera. The Rajaji Tiger Reserve boasts of a population of 34 tigers. But it is the first time that a group of four tigers have been captured in single frame.


Tiger camera trap
(Photo: SNS)


But more than the group of four tigers, the mother bear carrying cubs on her back remains the most discussed photograph among the staff managing the Rajaji Tiger Reserve.

Deer, elephant, porcupine, monkeys all sorts of fauna were photographed through the camera trap. A peacock got so camera-friendly that it came many times before it to exhibit its stunning dance skills.