With an aim to tackle the parking problem in the state, the Haryana government has formulated a policy for use of vacant plots as temporary parking lots within the municipal limits.

Urban Local Bodies minister Kavita Jain said that as per the policy parameters, the size of the plot should not be less than 500 square meter. However, clubbing of plots of less than 500 square meter under the same ownership or different ownership, with an undertaking of consent, would be allowed to make the minimum area of 500 square meter provided the plots are adjacent and contiguous to each other.

Permission under the policy would be granted subject to the payment of a licence fee of Rs 100 per square meter per year. The parking charges or fee for the vehicles would be decided by the concerned municipality that is Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council and Municipal Committee. Any person who desires to utilise his plot for providing parking space would submit an application to the Commissioner or Executive Officer or Secretary along with the revenue documents of the plot, she added.

The Minister said that only surface parking would be allowed and the site should be leveled. No permanent construction would be allowed except washroom and ticket room or guard-room of not more than 50 square feet each. Permission issued should not be considered as change of land use or any of the permanent permissions. She said that it is only temporary permission for providing service of parking. It should be issued for one year and renewed every calendar year as per the need of the area. The renewal would be allowed subject to the payment of the licence fee paid for permission.

She said that the owners of the parking lot would ensure that there is no public inconvenience caused due to this facility otherwise permission can be revoked by the municipality at any time without any notice. The owner of the parking lot would ensure that no vehicle is parked on the road within the influence zone of the parking lots. The influence zone would be decided on the basis of the capacity of the parking lots. The owner of the plot would put up a sign board regarding use of the site and display the rates.