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Green hydrogen pioneer gets special award

SNS | New Delhi |

Dr. J. P. Gupta’s stellar contribution to the Green Hydrogen Sector was recognized by the Sunday Guardian Foundation at a recent function held at the Constitution Club of India.

He was awarded a trophy by union minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari  of India for his outstanding contribution to this sector.

Dr. Gupta is Managing Director, Greenstat Hydrogen India Pvt. Ltd. He is also on the board of several companies. Gupta has been working tirelessly  for the last 4 years to create an ecosystem for Green Hydrogen in India.

He is an internationally acclaimed scientist, and his contribution to policymaking and deep knowledge of technologies in Green Hydrogen, have contributed significantly to starting several hydrogen projects in India. He has also set up four Centres of Excellence in the Hydrogen Economy.

These centres will develop trained manpower to handle Green Hydrogen for safety and operation, through virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

He has also authored two books in Green Hydrogen (i) Self Reliant
India- Harnessing the Power of Hydrogen (ii) India Is An Attractive
Destination For Green Hydrogen- A Way Forward.