Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Rawat reached his  native village Khirasain in district Pauri, for the first time after assuming the top post, on Tuesday. The trip made the CM sentimental as it was the place where he was born and spent a major part of his life. The trip took Trivendra on a emotional journey of his childhood- the place where he used to play and fight with friends.  Thrilled villagers gave the CM a rousing welcome on his arrival on Thursday.

Trivendra last came to list village one and half year back. Khirasain is a small mountain village with a small population of about 60-70 persons. The village is located about 62 Kms from district headquarters Pauri. 

CM Trivendra Rawat announced many development projects for his village and region. Among it was a bridge connecting Khirasain, a lake on Nayar river, twice a month heath camp and speeding up work of Bharavgarhi drinking water project.

Trivendra Rawat said, “It is a great feeling to be among relatives and my villagers. Village play a big contribution in life of any individual. At this place I spent my childhood and grew up.” 

After one of their sons becoming Uttarakhand Chief Minister, Khirasain natives have started dreaming big. They are hopeful that many basic amenities will reach this remote village to make life of local residents comfortable.