The Economics Society of Shri Ram College of Commerce would be organizing its annual undergraduate summit, the Shri Ram Economics Summit SRES’ 2020 from 4 to 6 February. The highlights of the summit are informative speaker sessions, engaging workshops, and competitive events that will test participants’ knowledge and thinking abilities.

Whether your interests lie in policy or finance, journalism or economic theory, politics or law, SRES’ 2020 has something in store for everyone.

SRES’ 2020 would be presenting:

I) Speaker Sessions: SRES’ 2020 presents speakers from diverse fields, each of whom are inspirations in their respective spheres. Those attending the sessions can expect to listen to the likes of:

1) Shubhash Chandra Garg- Former Finance and Economic Affairs Secretary

2) Shiv Khera- Author, motivational speaker

3) Rajdeep Sardesai- Renowned journalist

4) Salman Khurshid- Former minister

5) Twitter Panel: Mahima Kaul, Aparajita Bharti, Anshul Tiwari, Tamseel Hussain – Founders of YLAC, Youth Ki Awaaz and PLUC

6) Prashant Bhushan- Eminent lawyer

7) Babul Supriyo- Member of Parliament, playback singer, live performer, television host, and actor

8) Hindol Sengupta- Historian, journalist and author

9) Anil Swarup- Former Secretary to the GoI

10) Neeraj Kumar- Former Commissioner of Delhi Police

11) Rajeev Gowda- Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha

12) Parameshwar Iyer- Secretary, Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation

13) Sunetra Choudhary- Senior Journalist

14) Radhakrishnan Pilai- Author of ‘Corporate Chanakya’

15) Parth J Shah- President of the Centre for Civil Society

16) Sanjeev Sanyal- Principal Economic Advisor to the Ministry of Finance

17) Yasmin Ali Haque- India Country Head of UNICEF

18) Sonal Mansingh- Member of Parliament & Indian Classical dancer

19) Jean Dreze- Economist, activist, and author

20) TVF panel- Himali Shah (director), Apoorv Singh Karki (director) and Kritika Avasthi (actress)

21) P Chidambaram- Former Finance Minister

II) Workshops: In partnership with ace organisations, SRES’ 2020 provides delegates a golden opportunity to delve deeper into fascinating fields with engaging workshops as follows:

1) Civic Architects- The Policy Generation Group by LexQuest Foundation:

LexQuest will be organising a one of a kind Policy Workshop which will be an interactive and engaging session and only 30 students would be selected for this specially curated workshop. The top 3 policy architects will get the opportunity to work with LexQuest and formulate the Policy Recommendations to be sent to the relevant Government Departments and have their names included in the working document.

Date: 5th February, 2020

Timing: 11 am – 2:30 pm

2) Behavioural Economics by Behavioural Economics and Science Team (BEAST) Global:

BEAST will be organising a workshop that covers the fundamentals of Behavioural Economics, a field rarely explored in-depth in Indian higher education curriculum, in addition to showing its application in public policy formulation.

Date: 4th February, 2020

Timing: 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

3) Political Financing and Electoral Reform by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR):

You get the chance to interact with the organisation who’s PIL is responsible for the landmark judgment by the Supreme Court of India that made it mandatory for the candidates contesting elections to Parliament and State Assemblies to file self sworn affidavits (Form 26) declaring full information regarding their criminal, financial, and educational background. This workshop provides an opportunity to learn more about the loopholes in our electoral policies and what’s necessary to make our voting procedure truly transparent. Along with it also comes as a chance to volunteer with ADR for their voter awareness campaign around the upcoming Delhi elections.

Date: 5th February, 2020

Timing: 9:30 am – 10:45 am

4) Stratazenith by The Indian Game Theory Society: The Indian Game Theory Society will conduct a Game Theory Workshop which will help delegates learn the concept of Game Theory and its application. It aims to expand knowledge by applying the concept in real life scenarios and business decisions.

Dates: 4th and 5th February, 2020

Timings: 10 am – 1 pm on 4th February and 1:30 pm – 5 pm on 5th February

III) Events: SRES’ 2020 presents the following challenging, inspiring, and innovative events that are sure to leave participants enthralled and enlightened in equal measure.

1) Shri Ram MacroMania powered by World Bank:

Shri Ram MacroMania is the answer to the repetitive ‘why’. From being tested on macroeconomic and financial developments around the world, to putting a number of financial instruments to use, this is the one event which is the perfect package to give participants the experience of a lifetime. What matters is not the plethora of one’s knowledge, but the clarity of one’s concepts and the ability to make the right decision in the midst of any and all circumstances.

2) Shri Ram Vyapar powered by PayTM- Build for India:

This is an event structured to test all participants’ entrepreneurial skills, but with a twist. The event, spanning all the days of the summit, plans to test participants on their creativity, innovation and the skill to sell their ideas. The participants are required to be proficient in doing business, and not just in corporate terms, but also in knowing the dealings of ordinary day to day life and the economics of every action we undertake.

3) Shri Ram Economie De La Ville powered by Quantify Capital and The Policy Times:

This is an event which will challenge participants beyond the conventional, and test their skills in all aspects of understanding economics and history from the perspective of various stakeholders. Designed for the ‘Out-of-the-box’ thinkers, this event revolves from solving case studies, to managing public relation crisis, a treasure hunt and rounds made to test one’s presence of mind, composure and the analytical knack of mind.

4) Shri Ram Conquonomics powered by ADR and CEEW:

The only policy-based competition in Shri Ram Economics Summit is an attempt to compel youngsters to analyse the existing policy measures of the government, find loopholes, and recommend solutions to equip the world to face the challenges that lie ahead. Ranging from legality of bioethics to 3D printing, from prison reforms to exclusive public prosecution, it aims to challenge the analytical and innovative capabilities of students to come up with policy steps to be taken regarding latest developments in economic, political and social environment around the globe.

5) Shri Ram Case Conundrum powered by Union Bank of India:

Having the biggest archive of cases on board for this event makes it one of a kind. Case Competitions seem to have become the same old rigorous activity, so what we’ve done is added a touch of innovation at each step. When participants get a case, it’s a personally curated case and not just a random assumption of hypothetical questions and arguments. When they use the framework to solve it, we’ll have our dynamic interjections and ideologies to make it challenging. And when it comes to presenting it, we have in store a major surprise, to be revealed only in the end.