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Receiving unknown video call lands an East Delhi youth in sextortion

According to a police source, the victim is a 25-year-old youth, who resides in Bhajanpura area.

Abhishek Tiwari | New Delhi |

One careless response to unknown video calls can land you in the trouble of sextortion, and this can be figured out by an incident involving a youth living in East Delhi area!

He picked up one of the video calls, after being ignorant of a number of video calls and messages on his Facebook messenger from an unfamiliar profile, only to face a nude girl and some obscene activity on the other side.

As he disconnected the call, he started receiving extortion calls by threatening to make his obscene video viral, which was recorded during the video call. The accused even succeeded in extorting about Rs 1 lakh from the victim. However, they didn’t stop there and went on to demand even more.

In order to get rid of this torture, the victim eventually went to register a complaint regarding the incident to the Delhi Police. A case on his statement has been registered and the investigation is being carried out.

According to a police source, the victim is a 25-year-old youth, who resides in Bhajanpura area. In his statement, he stated that he got repeated friend requests about a month ago from a Facebook profile in the name of Pooja Sharma. Despite rejecting it numerous times, he kept on receiving the request.

Eventually, he accepted the request and asked her about herself through the messenger. As he sent the message, he received a video call from the same profile to which he responded by picking up the call, assuming that the girl might want to introduce herself through the video call.

But as soon as he picked up the call, he saw a nude girl standing on the other side. Shortly after seeing the obscene activity on the other side, the victim disconnected the call. In the meantime, he received a clip of the same video call recording on his WhatsApp with a demand of money in lieu of not making the video viral.

As the victim blocked the number, he got a normal call from another unknown number in some time. The caller impersonated himself as an Inspector of the Delhi Police and threatened him of legal action by saying that his obscene video has gone viral.

The victim got scared and in lieu of removing the video, he sent Rs 95,899 to the person impersonating himself as a police inspector. However, the accused didn’t stop there and started asking for Rs 50,000 more.

This is when the victim refused to pay the money and went on to file a complaint on the cybercrime portal. An investigation into the matter is being carried out by the Cyber Team of the Special Cell of Delhi Police.