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Drug addict kills four family members for calling him unemployed

Among the deceased are Dinesh Kumar (42), father of the accused, Darshan Saini (40), mother of the accused, Urvashi (22), sister of the accused and Deewano Devi (75), grandmother.

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |

In a shocking incident, a youth brutally stabbed his four family members including father, mother, sister and grandmother leaving them dead inside their house. The accused is said to be a drug addict.

This horrific incident took place in South West Delhi’s Palam village area late Tuesday night.

According to sources, the accused Keshav (25), who happens to be a drug addict, had come home from a rehabilitation centre a couple days ago. He reportedly committed the crime in fit of rage as the family used to scold him for his addiction and for being unemployed.

The deceased have been identified as Dinesh Kumar (42), father of the accused, Darshan Saini (40), mother of the accused, Urvashi (22), sister of the accused and Deewano Devi (75), grandmother of the accused.

Bodies of the deceased have been shifted to the mortuary for post-mortem and a case of murder has been registered at the Palam Village police station. The accused has been arrested from the spot and further inquiry is being carried out in the matter.

The ghastly incident reportedly occurred on the night of November 22. According to the sources, the Palam police station received a call at around 10:30 pm from the neighbours of the victim’s family, wherein the caller informed them that they heard the family members screaming for help.

After reaching the spot, the police found four members of the family lying in a pool of blood in their house at different places, who were said to have been killed by their son Keshav. Notably, the bodies of his parents were found in the bathroom, while the sister and grandmother’s bodies were in their respective bedrooms.

As per preliminary investigations, accused Keshav, was a drug addict and had no stable source of income. He was reportedly unemployed since Diwali, for which the family members used to scold him and used to quarrel with him every day.

On the fateful day, the family was having a quarrel with Keshav for the same reason. He was under the influence of drugs at that time. The quarrel made him angry and in the fit of rage, Keshav reportedly took a sharp-edged object and stabbed his father, mother, sister and grandmother. Not only this, he even slit their throats leaving all of them dead.

A police source said that the accused boy is a drug addict and reportedly he was admitted to a de-addiction centre.

While sharing the ordeal, one of the relatives of the family said that the incident was about 9.30pm on Tuesday night, when Urvasi was heard screaming for help. While shouting for help, she was trying to escape from the clutches of Keshav.

When the relatives went on to check the situation on their floor, the door of their house was found locked from inside. Immediately other relatives were called up and the police were informed.

Cousin of Keshav said, “We tried to break the door, hearing the scream from inside the house, to which, Keshav replied by saying ‘This is our family matter, please leave’. Amid this, I heard someone jumping down. I ran downstairs and saw my cousin Keshav trying to escape on a scooter. I caught him at once and handed him over to the Police. Further we discovered that he has murdered everyone in the family.”

Further investigation into the matter is underway.