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CPM demands high-level probe into data leaks

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |

The CPI-M on Friday demanded a high-level enquiry to find out how data from social networking platforms was stolen to influence voters during elections in India, and to identify the culprit companies, and the clients for whom they worked.

In a statement, the CPI-M Central Committee said the protection of privacy and data of individual citizens must be urgently ensured through promulgation of new laws.

“A legal structure has to be urgently created to protect the privacy of individuals which is a fundamental right in our country,” the party said.

The Election Commission must seriously reconsider its tie-up with Google and using Facebook for its messaging, the CPI-M said.

The data that can be harnessed by these platforms and then outsourced to influence elections for parties with money power undermines the very essence of our democracy, the party said.

It said that serious charges have been levelled against the PM’s app regarding the collection and misuse of data of individuals.

The Central Committee, which met here for three days from 28 March, discussed the draft Political-Organisational Report presented by the politburo.

The report will now be presented to the 22nd party Congress to be held in Hyderabad from 18 to 22 April.T

he Central Committee discussed the political situation in Karnataka where elections to the state assembly have just been announced.

The Central Committee approved the list of CPI-M candidates who would be contesting the elections.

The Central Committee demanded revision of the terms of reference of the 15th Finance Commission that adversely affects the interests of the southern states.

The Finance Ministers of all southern states have already raised this issue which must be seriously considered, the party said.Under BJP rule, various scams connected with exams have been exposed, it said.