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Delhi to face bed shortage in next 2-3 days if current rate of infection continues: Kejriwal

The worrying statement from Kejriwal came after Delhi logged over 24,000 cases on Saturday.

SNS | New Delhi |

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal warned on Sunday that the national capital will face a scarcity of beds shortly in view of the current rate of the Covid-19 cases which is overwhelming the whole health infrastructure of the city.

“Currently, the crisis we are facing is the rate at which the virus is spreading; 24,000 is a very big number. Beds are limited and it is natural that if such big numbers continue to ping in, a time might come when beds will not be available. If such pace continues then within the next 2-3 days, we will be facing a shortage of beds. A shortage in other facilities will also be there,” the Delhi CM stated.

The worrying statement from Kejriwal came after Delhi logged over 24,000 cases on Saturday.

He also said that if the situation continues, the health system of the national capital will reach a point of collapse where even life-saving measures will not be able to cope up with the crisis.

“In a way, this situation is a race against time. If within the next 2-3 days, the situation improves then we will be able to manage. However, if it continues to deteriorate in this manner then it will become very difficult for us to cope. The health system will reach a point of collapse where beds, oxygen and ventilators will not be able to cope with the overwhelming demand of the situation,” Kejriwal warned.

The CM appealed to all three municipal corporations to assist the Delhi government in providing medical resources and manpower to fight against the pandemic. A meeting was convened between Kejriwal and mayors of East, South and North municipal corporations.

“This is such a huge crisis, no government, no party, no state, no one single institution could imagine tackling it on its own. We have to come together, work together, pool in all our resources to overcome it. In the first wave itself, the coordination between the Centre, the Delhi government and the MCD were brilliant. We were able to set aside our differences and work effectively for the people of Delhi, as was required at that time,” Kejriwal said.

CM Arvind Kejriwal said that the Capital is facing a shortage of ICU beds and less than 100 are vacant. He said, “There is a shortage of ICU beds in Delhi. Less than 100 vacant. There is a shortage of oxygen too.”

The CM said that the positivity rate increased from 24 per cent to 30 per cent in the last 24 hours.

He said that he has spoken to Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Health Minister Harsh Vardhan. “I have said that we need more oxygen and beds. Over 6,000 oxygen beds expected in the coming days,” he added.