To help both promoters and allottees, Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (HRERA) Gurugram has established a mediation forum.
In its proceedings on 16 November, an expert mediation panel was able to take up 36 cases quite amicably and judicially within a day, an official spokesman of HRERA said.

He said that long-pending complaints before the Authority against the promoter M/s EMAAR were referred for mediation as initiated by the promoter and were heard during the first session, as mentioned earlier. Likewise, all the 36 cases dedicated for the day were taken up and heard project-wise by the panel.

The HRERA chairman KK Khandelwal said the Authority is overburdened by the long list of complaints pending before it and where the Authority deems it right that such cases which can be resolved through few sittings of the mediation, must be given a chance.

The spokesman further informed that promoter M/s EMAAR came forward to assist allottees for an amicable resolution to resolve their grievances with the help of an expert panel appointed by HRERA.

During the mediation, the compensation of Delay Possession Charges (DPC) was given to those who booked their flats in various projects of EMAAR but could not get possession of the same.

Both the promoter and allottees agreed on a common platform by arriving at a mutual decision of resolving their issues in a win-win situation. Hence the very first session of the Mediation forum of the HARERA Gurugram was a great success.

“The mediation is a new process for the allottees and I feel they need to come with a positive mindset and make best use of this process”, said Deepa Malik, a member of the expert panel.