Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said on Saturday that Arvind Kejriwal’s model of governance is now hugely popular among the political parties as they seem to emulate the same in their election campaign promises.

The senior AAP leader said that the Kejriwal model of governance is being resounded in the electoral campaigns of BJP and Congress in state assembly elections.

“Recently, Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah while campaigning in West Bengal promised the public there about free electricity up to 200 units. In Kerala, the BJP has assured free public transport for women, and in Tamil Nadu, the party has promised to bring the governance model similar to what can be seen in Delhi,” he said.

Speaking on Congress, Sisodia said that the grand old party is also formulating the Delhi model in its electoral promises. “In Assam, Priyanka Gandhi has promised free electricity while Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has announced free rides for women in public buses, although, there aren’t enough public buses in the state,” he told the reporters.

“I’ve noted that the BJP and the Congress are fighting elections across the country on the foundation of the Kejriwal model of governance. Delhi has become a paragon of governance and development in every sphere, right from its economy to hospitals to schools,” Sisodia added.

He also said that while the BJP is selling Delhi’s development model in their election campaigns, back in Delhi, the national party had tried every rule in the book to prevent the execution of the welfare schemes.

“When we had announced free bus rides for women, the BJP had created a hue and cry, they had mocked us and tried every rule in the book to prevent this from happening, but fought relentlessly for this to be implemented. The positive impact free rides have had on women can be seen across the country. Similarly, when we announced free electricity of up to 200 units, BJP had again created a lot of ruckuses and accused us of distributing freebies to generate votes. The Centre had tried to stop this even. Today, 70% of Delhi’s population is availing of free electricity and has become one of the poll promises of the BJP,” Sisodia stated.

The senior AAP leader also took a dig at BJP. “Since the BJP is now following the Kejriwal model of governance, I hope it wouldn’t act as an obstructionist in Delhi government’s initiatives for citizens,” he said.