Punjab Congress leader and Cabinet Minister, Navjot Singh Sidhu, on Tuesday, said the Parkash Singh Badal family has turned century old party Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) into a private limited company.

Addressing a press conference Sidhu said, “Badal family has turned century old party into a private limited company and Badal is so engulfed in his love for his son that he has been behaving like Dhritrashtra by being blind to the reality. The Badal family amassed a huge fortune by looting Punjab as is evident from the five-star hotels owned by the family while in power.”

The cabinet minister further asked what kind of a democracy the Badal family is practicing that all posts and power have been confined to the family with others treated like nothing.

“Why was Harsimrat Kaur Badal (Badal’s daughter-in-law) preferred over experienced leaders at the time of formation of Union council of ministers in 2014,” asked Sidhu.

Sidhu questioned that why Parkash Singh Badal didn’t go to meet the families of the victims of the rail tragedy in Amritsar but is pointing fingers at him (Sidhu) whereas it is a fact that he was in Kerala at that time.

The minister said several senior Akali leaders have clearly voiced their disenchantment with the way SAD president is functioning which resembles that of a dictator.

Terming the revolt of senior SAD leaders as unprecedented, Sidhu said that the writing on the wall is clear for the Badals.