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After CM Mamata Banerjee security breach, SP’s temple visit raises eyebrows

Statesman News Service | Raiganj |


After a security breach at Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s public rally at Hemtabad in North Dinajpur on 22 February created a flutter that also led to high-level investigations being launched and some police personnel being suspended, the Superintendent of Police of North Dinajpur, Shyam Singh, today offered Puja at a Kali temple very near the field where the CM’s public meeting was held.

According to sources, top police officials of the state are leaving no stone unturned to go into the depth of the matter with regards to the security lapse in the public meeting in Hemtabad. The sources also said that the axe could fall on some more district police officers.

“The puja at the temple could most likely be a move to pray to the Goddess that the district police sail through the present problems. The SP, however, did not admit this as the reason for the puja. After fasting, Mr Singh donned a red kurta and went to the temple and offered floral tributes to the deity,” the sources said.

This was the first time the SP visited the temple since his transfer to the district around 10 months ago. It may be mentioned here that the chief minister, during the administrative meeting at Rabindra Bhaban on 21 February, had expressed her dissatisfaction over the activities of the police administration in the district.

“Miss Banerjee has suggested that the SP maintain good relations with the public to be successful in his work,” a local resident said. Meanwhile, the Director General of Police has started investigations into the CM’s security breach. One DSP and an Inspector have already been show-caused, while three constables have been suspended so far.

The Kali temple in Hemtabad is popular for its ‘spiritual awakening.’ A sacred Puja is observed everyday in the temple, while locals living near the temple never eat non-vegetarian food in their houses for fear of the goddess’ wrath falling on them.

“This morning, SP Shyam Singh, wearing a traditional red Punjabi (kurta) carried sweets and flowers and went to the temple. A number of people immediately gathered around the temple to watch the SP, who made his maiden visit to the Kali Temple that too after the CM’s security breach in Hemtabad,” a local said.

When contacted, Mr Singh, however, said, “I went to the temple because I am a Hindu. I did not go to the Mosque. Journalists should not ask me such questions. Whatever I do is my personal matter.”

Commenting on the matter, CPI-M Politburo member and Raiganj MP Mahammad Salim said, “Some police officers were suspended after the CM’s security lapse.

Some others are waiting to be penalised. The SP, who is the boss of the district police, may have offered the Puja to pray to the goddess that all goes well during the probe.”