Here is high-quality news for primary teachers in Alipurduar district. The Alipurduar District Primary School Council (DPSC) will be disbursing salary for the teachers directly, starting this month.

The Auditor General of the government of West Bengal has sent an approval to the Alipurduar District Primary School Council to this effect on Wednesday, it is learnt.

Earlier, the Jalpaiguri District Primary School Council used to make salary bills for primary teachers in the district. Teachers associated with schools in Alipurduar had to travel all the way to Jalpaiguri to solve issues related to salary, provident fund or loan on provident funds, it is learnt.

According to sources at the council, the School Council, with this new charge of issuing salary to teachers, will end hardships of teachers in the district, which they had been facing ever since Jalpaiguri was bifurcated to create a new district of Alipurduar.

“I had decided to solve the problem after I was appointed the Chairman of the Alipurduar District Primary School Council (DPSC) six months ago. I am happy that with teamwork, we have succeeded in solving the matter within six months,” said the Chairman of the Alipurduar DPSC, Anup Chakraborty (SNS photo).

It is learnt that there are 2945 primary school teachers associated with total 840 primary schools in the district.

“The Alipurduar DPSC has recently got a permanent office. It has now got the power to conduct all financial work, including disbursing salary to teachers. We will be issuing arrear bills for teachers recruited in 2017 and to grade-A teachers who were promoted recently,” District Inspector of Schools (primary), Shamal Roy, said.

“The Chairman had earlier decided to hire six teachers from schools where there is a surplus of teachers, while he underwent training on financial work.

As soon as the hired teachers learnt the work, the AG, Bengal gave us the power to handle all financial work,” added Mr Roy. “It is very good news for all of us. We thank the Alipurduar DPSC for the success. This move will surely end the problems teachers in Alipurduar district had been facing for long,” said the secretary of the All Bengal Primary Teachers Association, Subhasis Bardhan.