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WPI inflation falls to 3.39% in October

SNS | New Delhi |

The WPI inflation fell to 3.39 per cent in October from 3.57
per cent in the previous month, official data showed on Tuesday.

According to the data on the wholesale price index released
by the Commerce and Industry Ministry, the annual inflation rate has climbed to
the current level from a decline of (-)3.70 per cent in October last year.

“The build up inflation rate in the financial year so
far (that is, from April to October) was 4.34 per cent, compared to a build up
rate of 0.45 per cent in the corresponding period of the previous year,”
an official statement said.
The annual inflation rate for potatoes (October on October) stood at a whopping
60.58 per cent, while that for pulses stood at 21.8 per cent. Similarly, under
manufactured products, the food category saw an annual inflation rate of 10.48
per cent. Onion prices, though, were down (-)65.97 per cent.

(With inputs from agencies)