Work Breakdown Structures 101—Guide To Efficiently Use Them

Work breakdown structures are a tool used by businesses to smooth and streamline operations since most of them fail due to a lack of proper management. The statistics show that 18.4% of private firms in the US fail in the first year.

Work Breakdown Structures 101—Guide To Efficiently Use Them

Work Breakdown Structures 101—Guide To Efficiently Use Them

Many people find setting up a business the most challenging task, but running that business successfully is an even bigger challenge. The statistics show that 18.4% of private firms in the US fail in the first year. The primary reason for this is a lack of proper management.

Therefore, businesses seek different avenues to smooth and streamline their operations. They look for innovative technologies to run their business efficiently. One such constructive tool that is widely used by businesses is a work breakdown structure.

This blog will give you everything you need about work breakdown structures.


What Is A Work Breakdown Structure?

A work breakdown structure is a method used by businesses for project management and system engineering. It is the breakdown of a project into simpler and smaller components, so business workers can quickly achieve their objectives.

A work breakdown structure is a diagram that divides a task into smaller tasks. It includes connections between objectives, milestones, and deliverables. The primary reason for creating and using a work breakdown structure is to make your business more manageable and quantifiable.

Businesses use separate work breakdown structures in different departments, drawing close to their aims and objectives. You can easily acquire a work breakdown structure template from a credible source. These templates help you keep track of your projects by breaking them down into different tasks.

Why Is It Important To Use A Work Breakdown Structure?

Several businesses use work breakdown structures to bring exceptional gains to their companies. Let’s have a look at the benefits a work breakdown structure has to offer to a business venture;

Induces Business Efficiency

A constructive work breakdown structure encourages business efficiency by organizing and managing different tasks by breaking them into a step-by-step procedure. As a result, it increases the chances of achieving business objectives more efficiently and on time.

Saves Extra Time and Efforts

A work breakdown structure saves your company valuable time and effort as it breaks down long and complex tasks into subtasks that are easier to complete quickly.

Provides The Right Direction

More than 40% of small businesses fail due to a lack of direction. However, using a work breakdown structure diagram staves off this problem by providing you with the right direction.

Makes Assigning Responsibilities To Different Teams Easier

The work breakdown structure consists of several tasks and other objectives which you can assign to team members throughout different departments. It speeds up business operations and sparks immense productivity.

Visualizes Key Points In A Project

A work breakdown structure diagram unleashes the gray and white areas in your business operations.  It informs you of the risks and threats you can face to achieve your aims.

How To Create A Work Breakdown Structure?

Confused about how to create a work breakdown structure? Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to getting started;

Step 1:  Start by identifying the project’s aims, objectives, and deliverables for which you create a work breakdown structure.

Step 2:  Get access to essential documents such as project planners, management plans, project scope statements, and more.

Step 3: Assess the different deliverables so that you can distribute them to set teams.

Step 4: Break these deliverables into smaller tasks, making them easier to achieve through a step-by-step procedure.

Step 5: Include a work breakdown structure dictionary that would include the meaning of the different work elements.

Step 6: Finally, create your work breakdown structure diagram by utilizing all the information you have gathered. You can use different formats and structures like tabulators and flowcharts. Collaborate and share the link of your diagram with fellow team members.

Practical Examples Of Work Breakdown Structure

We have compiled some practical examples to help you understand the innovative and effective concept of work breakdown structures;

  1. Companies use work breakdown structure diagrams for business process modeling. It helps businesses launch, design, model, develop, execute and implement their new business models.
  2. Businesses use work breakdown structure diagrams for various software projects, including content creation, testing, data importing, training, and solution configuration.
  3. Several entities use work breakdown structure diagrams for their construction repair works. It includes project definition, specification, design and tender, construction, and project close.

Bottom Line

Work breakdown structures are an effective solution to all your management-related woes. Be it project management, streamlining processes, or designating tasks on a micro level, the work breakdown structures will help you do it all efficiently.

(Compiled by Jay Ripton)