What is the recent spike in c-suite job searches?

The C-level and senior-level executives are severely impacted by the fast-paced environment and rising stress levels.

What is the recent spike in c-suite job searches?

What is the recent spike in c-suite job searches? (Picture Credits - Twitter)

The phrase “C-level,” often known as the “C-suite,” refers to high-ranking executive positions inside a corporation. The word “chief” is represented by the letter C in this sentence, as in chief operating officer and chief executive officer.

The largest volume of C level searches are for the roles of CEO, CFO, COO, CBO, CTO and CPO. Leaders who hold C-level positions are regarded as the most powerful and important people in an organization. These executives decide on the company’s strategy, handle more important choices, and make sure that daily operations support the achievement of the organization’s strategic objectives.

Executives at the senior and C-level are significantly impacted by the demanding workplace and rising stress levels. Professionals give their mental and emotional well-being a high priority in light of recent changes.


A positive workplace environment helps professionals achieve by reducing unnecessary stress and promoting their social, financial, emotional, mental, and overall well-being. Senior executives and C-level executives seek out companies that place an emphasis on creating thriving work environments because they understand how important these environments are for overcoming obstacles in the future.

Suresh Kumar Chitralayam, Director, People and Operations, Vuram adds to the statement saying, ”The pandemic’s effects and the accompanying industry issues have changed the priorities for everyone in the employment market. Accepting the new normal is essential for achieving peak mental and emotional well-being, which are essential for effective decision-making and performance in the competitive, dynamic market.”

Senior professionals are also looking for opportunities to invest in their careers with businesses that share their skills, beliefs, vision, and views in order to add value to their careers while concentrating on corporate goals and producing outcomes. In the new normal, having a good work-life balance is another important element that could influence how well people perform and how long their careers last.

From mid of 2021, there has been a surge in the top movements across the industries and functions. Unexpected digitalization and IT transformation has made it obvious for the Leaders in technology functions as front runners accounting for almost 40% of the CSuite job changes.

Record jump of 70% has already been seen in this year in CXO hiring with top demand of external CXO talent coming mainly from the software, fintech, e-commerce, media, manufacturing and healthcare & wellness.

More professionals are aware and choosing happy, inclusive, and nourishing work cultures that can have a long-term impact on their careers and lives. Finally, organizations are seeking C-level and senior executives that nourish their organization’s cultural value proposition and enrich the people’s relations to inspire and make a difference in the organization and society. ” said Mr. Kushhagr Agarrwal, founder at KNR Global Consulting.

Mr. Bhavishya Sharma, Managing Director, Athena Executive Search and Consulting (AESC) added to the discussion by commenting,” While the recent chronology of events Russia Ukraine war, oil price surge, inflation, tech sector crashing, VC funding crunch, recession in largest economies; has been hinting towards an ominous trail. However the on ground impact, if measured from the hiring trend for leadership roles, is quite contrary to the expectations.”

There has been a significant surge in the number of leadership searches released in the market within the last 2 months and while there is a dip in the numbers coming from tech/startup ecosystem, other sectors i.e. FMCG, Consulting, Industrial, MediaTech, Healthcare etc. have more than compensated for this drop and has enlarged the total pie.

“Interactions with leading players from these sectors indicate a cautious but a certain commitment to invest in growth. Over 80% of the clients interacted with are anticipating a balanced growth for next 2-3 quarters and potentially a steep growth curve in business thereafter.” He further added.