New Delhi, 15 November 
To elicit views from stakeholders on various issues related to revenue sharing arrangements for intelligent network based calling card services, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India today released a consultation paper on "Revenue Sharing Arrangements for Calling Card Services". 
The consultation paper provides the relevant background information and discusses the need and methodology to determine the charges to be paid by the National Long Distance Operator and International Long Distance Operator to the access providers for calling card services. 
Under the existing system, a customer does not have the option to choose its long-distance carrier. 
The customer depends on its access provider for NLD/ILD calls. And it is the access provider which chooses the NLDO/ILDO to whom the call is handed over for further carriage based on mutual commercial agreements between them. 
Though customers can choose access providers, choice of NLDO/ILDO is not available to them. Calling cards will provide a real choice to the consumer for picking an NLDO/ILDO which offers the most competitive tariff for NLD/ILD calls, irrespective of the customer&’s access provider. 
Stakeholders’ views on the consultation paper have to be sent by 28 November and counter-comments by 6 December.