Digital technology company LocoVida has joined hands with IFFCO cooperative to build an Indian digital platform to serve its member societies and farmers across the nation.

Called the ‘Indian Cooperative Digital Platform’, it’s the largest pioneering effort by IFFCO in developing a single unified platform to serve multiple needs of farmers. The platform will offer various services, including rural e-commerce, classifieds, discussion forum, multilingual chat, and entertainment, the company stated.

“This is a very important stepping stone in building an online community of empowered farmers and members. We believe India has immense opportunities for farmers across the country,” US Awasthi, MD and CEO, IFFCO said.

“This platform will allow our members and farmers to not only interact with us but also share best practices and learn from other farmers across the country,” he added.

Awasthi further said that IFFCO was committed towards using technology for a cashless economy and a digital India through various initiatives on this platform.

Anil Kumar, founder and CEO of LocoVida, said: “We already work with more than 100 publishers in the country in multiple languages and will be using all our insight that we have gathered about users working in these markets.”

"A user will be able to check out innovative ideas deployed by other farmers in different parts of the country and try them out on his farmland. It will be truly the first rural e-commerce platform in the country,” Anil added.