Business software marketplace G2 is planning for an IPO to expand its global presence.

G2 is a IT buyers platform where they can discover and buy software and avail of service to solve specific issues.

“We’ve raised funds and acquired companies. Also, we are now financially in a good position. G2 is looking at IPO as the next phase of its growth,” G2 co-founder and president Tim Handorf told PTI Saturday.

The company is excited to grow with its office in Bengaluru known for its technology innovation and talent, he said.

The city is a perfect place for G2 to expand its footprint to help businesses, he added.

The company provides customers and people’s reviews and compares them with competitors.

There are more than 7,85,000 independent and authenticated user reviews read by more than three million buyers each month on the company’s platform, Handorf said.

It is spread across nearly 100,000 products in over 1,000 categories, he said.

Themodel brings transparency to B2B buying to change the way decisions are made, Handorf said.

Inaugurating G2’s APAC headquarters earlier, he said the company makes it easy for businesses to select and manage technology in a world where B2B technology options are growing exponentially and their technology decisions would have a tremendous impact on their success.

The company had acquired Siftery, a startup based out of India, which builds its own database of business software to provide service to businesses.