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Ford sued for emissions cheating in diesel trucks

IANS | Chicago |

After German automaker Volkswagen’s Dieselgate scandal, it is now the US auto giant Ford Motor that was accused of emissions cheating in a bid to promote its diesel engine trucks.

A class action lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in Detroit in the state of Michigan, claiming Ford and German auto supplier Bosch of knowingly installing emissions-cheating software devices in 2011-2017 Ford 250 and 350 Super Duty diesel pickup trucks.

According to Hagens Berman law firm, affected pickups which drivers paid $8,400 more than the gasoline edition for higher fuel efficiency, could pollute the air with NOx (nitrogen oxide) at levels up to 50 times of legal limits, Xinhua reported.

However, the law firm said that Ford marketed and sold these trucks as the “cleanest Super Diesel ever,” and said it used “proven technology and innovative Ford strategies to meet the latest federal emissions standards.”

Hagens Berman hit Ford and Bosch with a total 58 counts of violations of state consumer laws, false advertising laws, deceptive trade laws as well as violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

It adding that “Ford did not act alone,” but colluded with Bosch in an organised scheme to evade emissions requirements, for sake of profit.

Neither Ford nor Bosch have reacted to the accusations.