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Five platforms using Artificial Intelligence to augment the industry

AI helps organisations to cut down on the chances of error, thereby improving efficiency.

SNS | New Delhi |

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine intelligence is slowly but surely proving to be a strong support to the start-up system with positive and fruitful outcomes. AI helps organisations to cut down on the chances of error, thereby improving efficiency.

In fact, AI has opened new avenues in offering solutions to different areas like industry, automobiles, real state, IT, and even arts.

We share five AI based start-ups that are making their way into the industry.

MYSUN: MYSUN is a technology backed rooftop solar solutions and services company that uses AI in their platform with an advanced solar calculator. It tells the user if the solar solution is not suitable for use. It also tells the user to not use solar power if it cannot provide enough return on investments, claims the company. MYSUN calculator provides the controls to the users and tells them about the kind of appliances they can run using solar power along with the duration on a daily basis, adds the company.

mPokket: This digital lending platform uses AI to offer short-term personal loans to college students. By using AI, the platform reduces paperwork and time for completing loan related formalities, says the company, adding that any college student in India is eligible to borrow money instantly using the mPokket mobile app. This platform uses AI/ML to do away with the role of a broker. According to the company, its algorithm helps to identify and ban brokers from the portal.

Routematic: Routematic has taken the help of Internet of Things (IoT) to aid corporate commutation. The company claims that this platform provides a hassle-free and organised process. This platform automates the process of commutation completely, from booking to billing, claims the company.

Shiprocket: A data-driven logistics aggregation platform, Shiprocket helps in increasing the efficiency by connecting online retailers with logistics providers along the supply chain to enable end-to-end solutions, claims the company.