New Delhi, 5 September
Retirement fund manager EPFO will launch an online facility tomorrow where over five crore subscribers can view their updated accounts.
“We will launch the facility tomorrow where subscribers can track their accounts online on a real-time basis and check their updated accounts,” EPFO’s Central Provident Fund commissioner KK Jalan said.
At present, subscribers get account statements once a year. The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation has to dispatch annual PF account slips by September. Sometimes, it takes longer to receive the statements because the EPFO hands them over to employers for distribution to workers.
The new facility will enable subscribers to see their updated accounts and take printouts for their records.
Mr Jalan said EPFO members would be able to see their account balances, including credited interest, as of 31 March 2013.
For the fiscal starting April 2013, they would be able to see the amounts credited to their accounts every month without the interest component because the rate of return on PF deposits for this fiscal has not been announced, he added.
Mr Jalan also said the EPFO will issue annual PF account slips on demand.
The facility will be launched by labour minister Sis Ram Ola tomorrow at the EPFO headquarters.