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Amazing gifts for dog parents this holiday season; 7 ‘paw’esome ideas

The worst nightmare for a pet parent is to lose their beloved furry child. However, many pet-lovers have had the terrible misfortune of a missing pet, which has wreaked havoc in their lives.

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The holiday season is ending soon with the grand entry of New Year 2019, which obviously calls for celebrations and loads of gifts! And if the one you are bestowing your love on is a pet parent, no gesture can strike an emotional chord with them more than a well-thought-out gift for their furry children! With hordes of dog products available online, making a quirky yet safe choice may get confusing.

Therefore, here are seven ideas for the most adorable, insightful and safest pet products to gift to a loving pet parent:

Natural dog treats

One of the major struggles that pet parents deal with is the right choice of food and treats for their furry children. Therefore, one of the best gifts to a dog parent would be the marquee treats by Dogsee Chew! Made out of yak and cow milk, lime juice, a dash of salt and loads of love, these chews are 100% natural and gluten-free. Equipped with an amazing taste and great nutritional value especially for growing fur babies, these treats serve as a perfect gift for every dog out there. Apart from being produced in the best of Himalayan ranges in an absolutely chemically-untampered manner, these delicious treats are ‘human grade’ as well—so even the dog parent has something to savour!

To read more about these wholesomely calcium and protein-rich treats and to buy these for your beloved dog or dog parent, head to

Grooming kits

Every furry one deserves the best of food, grooming and care for the unconditional love that they bestow upon their parents and everyone else. TailsLife, a pet care application, provides a range of comprehensive grooming sessions and kits tailor-made to suit each dog’s needs. Taking care of each pet parent’s woes, these offerings let them either rest back and get the best of services done or try their hands at it themselves with customized kits. Any which way, the gift gives an amazing experience any pet parent and their furry child would love to have!

These personalized grooming options and their entire list of products and services can be availed at

Automatic pet food feeders

When away from home for work or otherwise, pet parents are always concerned about whether their furry child had a meal or not. The automatic pet feeder by DogSpot serves as the perfect solution to this. Equipped with a large capacity bottle and a bowl beneath, these durable feeders ensure that the little one does not stay hungry in their parent’s absence. These are clean, elegant and practical. Gifting one of these to a pet parent would definitely be a very thoughtful idea!

These feeders come in many attractive colour options and can be purchased at

Striking collars and leashes

Bored of seeing the same old monochromatic collar on your favourite dog’s neck? Design-led lifestyle brand Chumbak has a solution for you! With colourful and funky options such as Dog Face, Panda Love and Floral Elephant etc., these collars and leashes serve as a wonderful gift for a pet parent. Intrigued by the design, the furry ones may probably not try chewing onto them too, thereby making these last longer than what leashes usually do!

To buy these attractive collars and leashes, and to go through an array of accessories and clothing options, visit

Quirky dog tags

Help make a pet parent’s little one stand apart from the furry crowd with these unique offerings of quirky and adorable tags by Alicia Souza. With colourful tags such as “Yes I am unbelievably cute”, “Scratch my tummy”, “Sir licks a lot”, and “Big heart big appetite” among others, these attachable dog tags serve as a perfect gift for a pet parent who would love to adorn their fur babies with the cutest of accessories available around!

This varying collection of cute dog tags can be bought at

Lovable dog beds

While the furry children may roam about the entire household throughout the day and jump on every couch, mattress and bed ever, the loveliest sight is of them retiring peacefully in the comfort of their favourite spot for a wonderful sleep. With soft and cute dog beds that are designed unconventionally in fun shapes of huts, domes, dens and sofas—these delightful dog bed options from PupKart serve as a perfect gift for a pet parent and their fur baby!

To go through this collection of dog beds and other adorable products, visit

GPS-embedded dog collars

The worst nightmare for a pet parent is to lose their beloved furry child. However, many pet-lovers have had the terrible misfortune of a missing pet, which has wreaked havoc in their lives. Therefore, one of the most thoughtful gifts will be a GPS-embedded dog collar, a product offering by Wagr. This collar does not just let you track a furry child but also notifies in case of a change in its usual routine and alerts if the dog ever leaves its safe zones. Furthermore, this device also lets a pet parent set fitness goals and keep the little one healthy!

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