With an aim to provide financial services to remote locations Airtel Payments Bank has decided to expand its reach in the eastern state of West Bengal.

Airtel money has a network of over 30,000 neighbourhood banking points spread across West Bengal, and plans to expand its banking points in the state by 50 per cent by March 2021, the company said on Wednesday.

Now with the help of the Airtel Payments Bank over 12,500 unbanked villages in the state now have access to formal banking services. Over two million customers in these villages now have a savings account with the bank. Through these banking points customers can also access a range of financial services like Aadhaar Enabled Payments, insurance and government pension schemes.

“Airtel Payments Bank is committed to take formal banking services to the deep rural pockets of the country and work to build a robust doorstep banking infrastructure. We are planning to expand its footprint by 50 per cent by March 2021. This will be the largest banking network in the state and a large number of these banking points will serve customers in unbanked and under banked geographies,” Airtel Payment Bank CEO Ganesh Ananthanarayanan said.