Ace designer Raghavendra Rathore will be opening a design school for aspiring talent here in August 2018.

Jewellery house Amrapali has invested in The Gurukul School of Design.

“It is a natural progression for Amrapali to support exciting endeavours that will redefine the idea of good design, generate good talent that has the potential to impact the world of design, especially jewellery,” Rajiv Arora, co-founder, Amrapali, said in a statement.

Rathore wanted to create a forum where people with design understanding can contribute their ideas and demonstrate the power of this to greater sustained knowledge for upcoming students, who will metamorphosize into designers of tomorrow.

“We need a revolution in how graduating students can change the landscape by bringing an entrepreneurial spirit with good understanding of design, while using local and global resources,” Rathore added.

Amrapali will enter the venture, not only with infusion of finance and strategic alignment but will also give emphasis to product design, namely jewellery.