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Manjeet Hirani to launch a book!

SNS | Mumbai |

Manjeet Hirani wife of Rajkumar Hirani who is a well-known influencer and speaker is set to launch her book ‘How To Be Human – Life Lessons by Buddy Hirani’.

‘How To Be Human – Life Lessons by Buddy Hirani’ is a charming and beautifully illustrated book for dog lovers.

Manjeet Lamba shares,”It all started with writing blogs. I was very fascinated by my dog, Buddy and would capture his shenanigans by writing about him. I posted three posts on my blog and wrote ten and kept them aside, thinking I would post one per week. Being a pilot, I travel a lot to different places and sometimes we get some time on the ground. Once I was wandering in WH Smith bookstore at Delhi airport and asked Rajmal Sharma, a salesman at the store, if he knew any publishers as I have written a book on my dog. He happily gave me numbers of a few publishers. I called up Penguin and spoke to them about the idea of my book and sent them the link to my blogs. Next morning, I got a call from them, asking me to write twenty chapters on it and here we are”.

She further adds, “The book is about my dog Buddy and it’s called, ‘How to be Human….Life Lessons from Buddy Hirani’. Every chapter takes inspiration from Buddy and what he teaches me about life. So I guess, there was a writer deep inside me and Buddy dug it out. A big hug to Buddy,”

In this book, Manjeet Hirani writes about attachment, parenting, and karma, among other things. She shows how having a dog in the house can alter your perspective and change the way you experience life.

How to Be Human is a charming and heart-warming book that, with its light touch,
will make you look at life from a less cynical standpoint.