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Making the right choice

Meyeinla Longchar |

Access to higher education has been made easier for students across India. Some have even started to pursue further studies in a foreign country that could help to accomplish their goals without any hassle. In terms of studying abroad, reports suggest that the number of international students from India crossed 3, 50,000 back in 2015, and is expected to increase over the next few years.

Founded in 2013, ESS Global, headquartered in Chandigarh, focuses on recruiting students for studying across various destinations like Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, etc, and partners with different universities and colleges in these locations. Founded by Gurinder Singh Bhatti, he took inspiration from his own experience of pursuing higher studies in the UK as well as observing a gap in the scenario, including lack of awareness among people. This led him to start his own business with an aim of simplifying the process for students who wish to go abroad legally for their further studies.

“Our USP lies in the fact that we provide the right course selection for students planning to study abroad. We also offer in-depth information about visa filing processes for different countries, and it has a high success rate. Our mission is to promise a bright future to make it big in international universities, and empowers them to become future leaders,” said Bhatti.

The company has gone through various stages of growth since inception. From being a one-man venture, it has now transformed into a competent and highly qualified team that can handle the entire process of acquiring study visa for prospective students legally and effectively. Its outreach strategy involves reaching out via various media like outdoor branding, digital media, print media and electronic media.

Even its brand logo accurately represents its focus on cohesive teamwork, passion to lead, openness, customer focus, and value for money. In terms of funding, the company is using internal funds for fueling its expansion, and will probably take the VC route during later stages. Driven by its motto “Your Dream Our Commitment”, it aims to eliminate lengthy and ineffective processes, and help students realise their dream of having a global career, without worrying about finances or complicated procedures.

“Despite topping the list of popular overseas education destinations, recent developments like the H1B visa crackdown in the US, and Brexit in the UK is leading many to seek opportunities in other nations, specifically in European countries. Nevertheless, the impact of Donald Trump on visa policies is yet to be seen. For now, the USA is still ruling as a popular study destination to pursue science, technology, engineering and math courses,” said Bhatti.

Other countries preferred are Denmark, Taiwan, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Belgium, and New Zealand. Canada is another popular study destination among international students. In fact, universities in the North American country are reporting a 25 per cent bump in applications received post-Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections. However, it is still quite early to comment on the exact numbers.

The consulting firm experts check the academics and language requirements of students, following which they help on selecting further courses based on the same. In addition, Brightusa sub-arm of ESS group imparts the English Proficiency Courses to the students to fulfill their dreams.