It is said that in books we find our true companions. And many times we turn to books when we get lost and are looking for answers, because books have the power to inspire us, guide us and open our eyes to another world or experience which we haven’t had in our lives. A book can make you ponder and sometimes change the way you think.

Here are a few books that have been regarded as being the ones to have helped its readers in self-discovery or tell the tales of self-discovery through its protagonists. More often than not the books might not have the recipe for a perfect life, but it resonates with the current sentiments of the readers that might help them to see things in a new light.

Best books on self-discovery

1) The Alchemist: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho tells the story of Santiago who on his spiritual quests meets new people finds himself in situations that might not seen too realistic, but at the end the story is all about pursuing ones dreams and conquering your fears so as to achieve what you always have wanted to.

2) Eat Pray Love: Written by Elizabeth Gilbert, this book tells the story of an American woman who travels across continents to find what she could not in her so called accomplished life back home. The book traces the woman’s journey as she travels to Italy, India and Indonesia to find happiness and love.

3) Life of Pi: This book on self-discovery by Yann Martel is about a boy and a Tiger lost at sea and their adventures together. Well, on the surface it may seem so but it has much deeper meaning than that. It will make you think about life and truth and metaphor and will leave you thinking on the perceptions that we have about life in general.

4) The Help: Written by Kathryn Stockett, the Help recounts the tales of three women, all battling their own battles and have different reasons, but are bound by the complexities that existed in 1960’s Mississippi.of. Skeeter, Abigail and Minny start a movement that impacts the whole town. A book filled with hope and despair but above all the power of overcoming all the obstacles to realise what we stand for.

5) The Book Thief: This book has death as its protagonist. Markus Zusak talks about time on earth.The whole philosophical narrative leaves the readers to think and develop their beliefs and above all, value what we have.