Anthropology, which is indispensably applicable in several streams of sciences and social sciences, is a neglected subject in Delhi University (DU) as none of the colleges has this subject at graduation level.

Only the Department of Anthropology at the Faculty of Sciences has B.Sc. (Hons) Anthropology at undergraduate level with limited number of seats. However, the department has M.Sc. Anthropology, M.Sc. Forensic Science, Research (both M.Phil. & Ph.D) and certificate course in Forensics.

According to teachers and research students, as compared to subjects like Botany, Zoology and Physics, Anthropology is not popular among students as the colleges don't have it and majority of students who apply in DU are unaware of the existence of the Department of Anthropology.

The course has only 40 seats. Professor Satwanti Kapoor of the department emphasizes on the need to create 'awareness' about the subject and its applications at both school and college levels. "We don't have the at colleges which is a drawback in making it popular. Even at school level, it is undermined as the subject is taught under Biology and not as a separate one," said Kapoor.

Anthropology is often considered as a "boundary-less" subject as it has wide applicability in various streams and has interdisciplinary outreach. "Anything and everything which has to do with human being is our forte. It has applications everywhere and trained/skilled professionals or researchers are in demand in the fields of forensic, medicines, population study, human physiology and in all types of surveys. But the irony is that the subject has not been given due recognition," said the professor.

According to sources, many colleges have expressed interest in starting the subject at Under-Graduate level. Also, Professor Anup K Kapoor, Head of the Department of Anthropology, has written to 8 DU colleges regarding the same. "These colleges have shown interest. We can help them initially in teaching and practicals," said Prof Kapoor.

But, with the new academic session at door, it is unlikely that any such course will start in the new session.