Stayed up late at night to give the final revision? Gave up watching TV to score good marks, but all in vain? Then, Ashwin Sanghi's latest, '13 Steps to Bloody Good Marks' with its smart study hacks is just the book for you.

“The stress and anxiety levels in students appearing for exams are just appalling. There has to be a way to study smart instead of studying hard. That's really what this book attempts to share,” Sanghi said.

Comparing the Indian education system with nothing less than a “minefield”, Sanghi through the book, suggests ways to manouveur through this minefield and emerge with flying colours minus any strain or pangs of anxiety.

“This book shares methods and effective tools to navigate through high-stress academic scenarios using a common sense approach to academic challenges,” he added.

Third in the '13 Steps' series by the author, the book published by Westland, will hit stores across India on July 24.

Previous books in the series included, '13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck' and '13 Steps to Bloody Good Wealth'.

The book is co-authored by Ashok Rajini, who believes that the work makes for a must read for every student.